Rachel Coleman

Rachel is a highly regarded training and HR professional. Her background as an HR and L&D business partner gave her broad experience of formulating, advising and supporting on HR matters across all organisational levels.

She built on this foundation to work in Kodak’s management consultancy group, designing and delivering strategic HR, management, team and personal development programmes, facilitating business and team meetings and implementing best practice initiatives across all areas of the company’s operations.

She spent ten years with Kodak before setting up her own consultancy some twenty-five years ago, working across a range of sectors including financial and professional services, sales, IT, research, manufacturing, education and government departments.

Key areas of expertise

Rachel works with professionals and senior leaders on a one-to-one basis and with groups in workshops and training sessions.

  • Extensive experience of training and coaching on presentation skills, personal impact, communication, assertiveness and influencing.
  • HR training including: change management, performance management and appraisals, stress management, disciplinary, leadership development, team building, recruitment and selection.
  • Train the trainer

Style / approach

Rachel is passionate about empowering clients to unlock their true potential, enabling them to maximise their contribution and improve organisational outcomes. She always works to optimise self-awareness and capabilities, in turn increasing levels of confidence and self-belief.

Rachel tailors her approach to the needs of specific clients. She puts people at ease with her friendly, supportive manner and takes time to make sure that her insightful feedback, input and training style is enabling and has a demonstrably positive influence. Equipping individuals to build influence and confidently navigate core business requirements.


Rachel’s feedback often focuses on her ability to build both confidence and capability:

  • I didn’t think I could do that, now I know I can.
  • This programme should be mandatory, the most useful course I’ve done. 100% do it!
  • Excellent course, excellent material and presented very, very well.
  • Rachel showed great patience, never ducking a question. She took time to explain and made sure everyone understood.
  • Rachel explained and delivered everything very well, the skills taught helped enormously.
  • I would definitely recommend this programme, very beneficial.
  • Excellent, given me so much more confidence to present or run a training programme.
  • Rachel was very professional, a good communicator and was able to discuss the content of the course at the right pace and level for everyone attending.
  • The trainer was very articulate, friendly and knowledgeable.
  • Trainer was excellent. Really clear in her presenting and all aspects of the course covered to the right detail.
  • Very good delivery. Easy to follow and understand. Kept my attention throughout.
  • Professional, knowledgeable and friendly style.
  • Very good and engaging.
  • Lovely! Very friendly, informative and open.
  • The trainer was great – super knowledgeable, well-paced and made us feel comfortable
  • Super kind, engaging, made everyone feel comfortable
  • Rachel was excellent! Inspiring and definitely good influencer.
  • The trainer was excellent. Her voice was very soothing, and it felt like she really listened to everyone’s thoughts and made everyone feel very comfortable. Really good examples and explanations, and very knowledgeable.
  • The trainer was very knowledgeable and approachable. Very easy to listen to. I think we could use more visual materials, example videos etc. But it was very good and I would definitely recommend!
  • Excellent. Very good delivery style.
  • Knowledgeable, gives everyone a chance to speak, good at following up with any questions with our HR team that she did not know the answer to.
  • Excellent, very good at noticing people’s strengths and building on them as well as explaining issues really clearly.
  • The trainer was professional and friendly and the actor was very good.
  • Trainer was able to provide individual feedback.
  • The trainer was really knowledgeable and experienced.
  • Trainer was highly knowledgeable, actor was a brilliant touch
  • Both very great and professional.
  • Really proficient.
  • Very welcoming and knowledgeable
  • Excellent – really helpful and knowledgeable. Rachel learned all our names instantly and took the time to listen to our individual circumstances and provide advice throughout. She created a very safe and welcoming environment for discussion. Thank you!
  • Rachel is amazing! So knowledgeable. She really listens to what we all needed and the concerns we all came with. Katherine was brilliant, having the opportunity to practice with someone trained to respond naturally was so much more valuable that us doing role play with each other. Very valuable learning experience! Great that it is practical and not just a theory class. Super! Many thanks. Will recommend to my team.
  • Open to clarify doubts. Talking slowly. Giving always opportunity for feedback
  • Rachel is an experienced trainer and has deep knowledge within her field
  • Rachel was amazingly knowledgeable and clear, and was able to tailor the session towards our situations.
  • Rachel was very engaging and attentive to what worked best with the group and maintained a good pace throughout
  • Absolutely excellent, listened and explained things really well, much appreciated

Qualifications, training and professional memberships

  • Degree in sociology with psychology
  • Post-graduate Diploma from the Institute of Personnel and Development
  • Chartered Member of the CIPD
  • Trained assessor for occupational personality questionnaires and team dynamics
  • A qualified facilitator

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