Workplace investigations

Maximum HR can provide expert guidance, support and resources to help you and your organisation carry out effective workplace investigations. Whilst the size and type of an investigation will vary tremendously depending upon the particular circumstances, the need for a robust, thorough, objective and consistent approach remains the same. Decisions that are taken as the result of complex workplace investigations often have serious consequences for individuals and carry significant legal risks for the employer, eg, the decision to dismiss an employee. The quality of the investigation is therefore critical to ensuring that the business makes the ‘right’ decisions for the ‘right’ reasons and that any decisions are objectively backed up by the evidence collected. The importance of the investigation cannot be over-stated and this is backed up by a significant amount of case law, in both unfair dismissal and discrimination cases, which have criticised the investigation element of a case and resulted in organisations paying out compensation or even reinstating individuals.

How can we help you?
We can support your organisation in many ways, eg:

  • Reviewing your policies and procedures in this area, ensuring they follow best practice and provide clarity and consistency in approach.
  • Providing training for all managers and HR professionals who are involved in investigations to ensure they have the appropriate knowledge, skills and confidence to carry out thorough investigations. (See a sample course outline here).
  • Providing coaching and mentoring to investigating managers or HR professionals throughout the stages of any investigation.
  • Providing independent investigators to conduct an investigation and make recommendations as appropriate.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss workplace investigations in more detail.


Our thanks to Rosanne for writing this page.

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