All organisations are in a state of constant change, so we take incremental change almost for granted. More significant change can require a completely fresh approach. You might need to review the structure of the organisation and how it is resourced. You might need a different approach to change management. And you might need to take a fresh look at your HR strategy.

We wrap all these issues up under the heading of ‘Purpose’ – what’s the purpose of the organisation and how can HR best support it? These aren’t the questions you have to ask every day and there aren’t necessarily any obvious answers. But you need to get it right. That’s when it’s worth getting a fresh perspective, an expert opinion, some practical advice from someone who’s used to dealing with such issues on a regular basis.

Organisational design and development

Organisational design is all about ensuring that the structure of the organisation supports its mission in the most efficient way possible. To review an organisation’s design you must first understand its purpose. This includes understanding both the external environment in which it operates and the internal environment (processes, roles and responsibilities, etc). Armed with that understanding, you can then review the structure of the organisation, propose changes, secure approval and plan for implementation.

Organisational development tends to focus on improving internal processes and, in particular, planning how best to resource them. Change management is often the major challenge here.

How can we help you?

The most time-consuming aspects of OD work are very often:

Change management is, of course, a huge area. As well as helping you with the specific communication issues, we can also help through:

  • Design and delivery of training courses on leading and managing change
  • Consultancy on HR and people aspects of change
  • Coaching / mentoring of leaders / managers on managing change
  • Coaching / mentoring / training of individual employees on dealing with change

These are the areas where it can make most sense to use external consultants. You can also get us to guide you through the whole OD process and, if necessary, help you review your proposals before the inevitable submission to the Board. As part of this process, you might want to consider facilitated workshops on:

  • Culture assessment and development
  • Organisation development intervention and development

HR strategy

What should be the role of HR in your organisation? How can it best add value?

The simple questions are often the hardest. In this case, the complicating factor is very often the culture of the organisation – does HR have a voice?

How can we help you?

We can help you address the profile of HR within the organisation at the same time as supporting you in the development of your strategy. This can also raise issues of HR professionalism.

And, of course, we can facilitate HR strategy workshops, helping you articulate your vision and taking the first steps towards making it a reality.

If you have any questions at all about how a fresh look at any of these issues might help you achieve your objectives for your organisation, please just give us a call on 01582 463462 for an informal chat. We’re here to help!