Organisational Development masterclass


Organisational Development (OD) is all about using behavioural insights to transform systems and structures to align an organisation’s capability with its strategy. As the craft of OD approaches its 70th year, the skills and mindset of OD have never been more important. In our ever-changing world of work and global pace, an organisation’s ability to respond is key to its success. Practising OD means understanding growth, impact and human systems. Leaders operating with an OD approach are able to build agile and resilient workforces, through ethical and sustainable leadership and culture, whilst having a defined sense of purpose, strategy and direction.

This two-day workshop will help participants successfully understand application of OD processes and tools, explore the role of the OD practitioner and develop their own skills and talents in this role. The workshop gives leaders, managers and change agents an opportunity to reflect on real work challenges and how they may tackle this using OD thinking and practice.

Learning objectives

At the end of the session participants will:

  • Have developed their knowledge of the field of OD
  • Be equipped with more OD tools and concepts
  • Be supported in thinking about current work challenges in an OD way


  • Senior managers
  • HR professionals, particularly HR Business Partners and those in a change agent role
  • Reform and change specialists


This two-day workshop is highly participative and uses paired exercises and group discussion to apply theory to practice. Discussion and reflection are used to develop learning points and to enable participants to relate examples to their own context.

Participants will be sent a welcome pack in advance of the session which will include some pre-course work as well as asking them to reflect upon their own experiences and challenges in this area, including a challenge they wish to work upon on the day.

Special feature

A tailored version of this programme can be designed in order to contextualise it to an organisation’s specific concerns, issues and objectives. This is an ideal solutions for organisations embarking on a major change programme and concerned to make the process as smooth as possible.

Expert trainer

Clare is an experienced OD practitioner, facilitator and executive coach. She is a leadership development specialist with nearly twenty years’ experience in the Civil Service, wider public sector and other organisations. She has worked with senior leaders across government departments (including the Home Office and the Cabinet Office) to support all aspects of strategic change. Her most recent post, before setting up her consultancy in 2017, was in the National Crime Agency as the Head of OD, L&D and Leadership Capability.

Workshop outline

Day one

1 Introduction

  • Welcome, introductions and housekeeping
  • Overview and objectives
  • Personal objectives
  • Working effectively together

2 Demystifying OD

  • Your lens on OD
  • OD in your organisation
  • A shared definition of OD

3 Being an OD practitioner

  • OD consultancy roles
  • Building impact and credibility
  • Levers, power and the consultant
  • Action research

4 OD tools

  • Using organisational models
  • Complexity and chaos theory
  • Use of metaphor
  • The self as instrument
  • Group dynamics

5 Practising with a live issue

  • An opportunity to practise new OD tools and skills with co-coaching and observation
  • Reflections and learning on the practice

6 Review and close

  • Review of learning
  • Questions and gaps in knowledge so far

Day two

1 Review of day one and co-creation

  • Adding any gaps in knowledge to the agenda

2 Developing your OD agenda in your organisation

  • Connecting OD with the wider business agenda
  • Engaging your key stakeholders
  • Leveraging your skills, experience and passion

3 Action learning

  • Embedding your learning
  • An opportunity to work on complex challenges with the group

4 Co-coaching

  • Practising your OD consulting skills
  • Working on your own OD agenda

5 Final reflections

  • Developing an OD network
  • Key learning summary
  • Close


For a no-obligation discussion about running this programme for your organisation on an in-house basis, just give us a call on 01582 463462.