Transformation programmes

Very often, an HR-led initiative – such as revised HR policies and procedures, a new set of values and vision statements, a change programme – needs to be rolled out across the organisation with a degree of face-to-face support, via workshops and webinars. Internal delivery teams are usually too stretched to take on such large-scale projects (which are usually needed at relatively short notice). So that’s where we come in.

By definition, transformation programmes are always completely bespoke.

As an example, one of our clients devised a new approach to performance management. They wanted to make it ‘stick’ and to reach the entire organisation – 4,500 staff spread across more than 300 sites in 135 countries. To support them we co-designed and delivered:

  • A train-the-trainer workshop
  • A one-day workshop for managers
  • A follow-up ‘facilitated coaching circle’ webinar
  • A half-day workshop for staff
  • A 90-minute webinar for remotely based managers
  • A two-part webinar for remotely based employees

We also scripted a set of scenarios, performed by our specialist team of actors and role-players and filmed by us on the client’s premises, giving a library of clips that we used in the workshops and webinars and then gave to the client for them to use in future sessions delivered internally.

Delivery was mainly in English, in 21 countries, using our UK and international delivery teams.

The project was ‘a huge success’ and we were thanked for our ‘above and beyond’ approach.

Inspired? If you could use a hand with a roll-out programme, whatever the size or complexity, just give us a call on 01582 463462 to talk it through.