Virtual interviews

A 90-minute webinar

Some 68% of HR professionals believe the virtual interview is here to stay (according to a recent LinkedIn survey).

That’s not much of a surprise, perhaps.

For many managers, recruitment and selection interviews can be hard to get right at the best of times.

And these are the worst of times.

So what do we need to think about differently when interviewing someone remotely? How are the issues, the dynamics, the techniques any different?

This session combines a reminder of some of the key skills for successful recruitment and selection interviewing with advice and checklists on the key differences when managing the process virtually.

Learning objectives

  • Understand what’s different about a virtual interview
  • Learn how to plan accordingly
  • Refresh your EI skills and remember to use them appropriately
  • Be aware of the impact of the technology


Anyone with responsibility for recruitment and selection interviewing:

  • HR professionals
  • Line managers

Special feature

This programme can be tailored to particular settings and, especially, organisation-specific interview processes and models.

For maximum impact, the session can be run with actors, giving participants an opportunity to practise mock interviews with feedback and coaching from the actors.

Expert trainer

This programme is delivered by Rachel Hicks, our lead trainer in this area. See her profile here.

Webinar outline

1 The same – but different

  • Basic principles are just the same:
    • Psychology and limitations of interviewing
    • Making interviews robust
    • Ensuring a fair and objective approach
  • But what are the differences when doing it virtually?

2 Planning for virtual interviews

  • Developing an interview plan
  • Structuring the interview
  • Preparing the questions – especially behavioural questions – for virtual interviews
  • Planning the logistics for virtual interviews
  • Preparing yourself for virtual interviews
  • Creating a positive impression in virtual interviews

3 Key skills for virtual interviews

  • A reminder of the key skills and principles:
    • Questioning
    • Active listening skills
    • Non-verbal communication
    • Creating rapport
    • How to assess responses
    • Looking for STAR answers
    • Controlling the interview
    • Practical tips on managing difficult situations
    • Bringing the role to life
    • Technology considerations and challenges
    • Taking notes; documentation
  • What’s different about using these skills and principles remotely?

4 Skills practice

  • Mini skills practice on interviewing questions
  • [Optional extended session: practise mock interviews with actors, who give feedback and coaching]

5 Round-up

  • Questions and challenges
  • Checklist – dos and don’ts
  • Putting it into practice

For a no-obligation discussion about running this session for your organisation on an in-house basis, just give us a call on 01582 463462.